People ask me, ‘What are you most proud of?’ I think I’m most proud of the fact that I moved here. I tried it. Nothing happens unless you set the wheels in motion. So to me, that was everything — whether those wheels squeaked a lot or didn’t move sometimes didn’t matter. I could walk home from a comedy club at three in the morning, no money, after I bombed in front of four Dutch sailors and was like, ‘Yes!’ I loved … every … minute … of it.” Jon Stewart


I can’t wait until I have enough money to get a tattoo on the front of my thigh because then I’ll be able to take pictures of it in the bathtub and start drinking tea and date a boring guy with a big beard who loves seven inch records and ignores my needs. 

“…all this uncertainty with You-Know-Who coming back, people think they might be dead tomorrow, so they’re rushing all sorts of decisions they’d normally take time over. it was the same last time he was powerful, people eloping left, right, and centre...”“Including you and Dad.”  "Yes, well, your father and I were made for each other, what was the point in waiting?"

I had  w i n g s once, and they were  s t r o n g. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once. But they were stolen from me.

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24: A song you like with numbers in the title: 1979- Smashing Pumpkins

25: A song you like with a color in the title: Purple Rain- Prince

26: A song that you remember from your childhood: Walkin’ on the Sun- Smash Mouth

27: A song to wake up to: Partition- Beyonce

28: A song to fall asleep to: Elegy for Dunkirk- Dario Marianelli 

29: Last song you listened to: One and Only- Adele

30: Song you are listening to now: Misty Mountains- Howard Shore

Thank you!


Minotaur in Labyrinth, Roman mosaic at Conímbriga, Portugal.


Minotaur in Labyrinth, Roman mosaic at Conímbriga, Portugal.

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“Here is the handful
of shadow I have brought back to you:
this decay, this hope, this mouthful
of dirt, this poetry.” — Margaret Atwood, “Mushrooms,” from Notes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be Written (via lifeinpoetry)

i’m just an ordinary human

“You know..I still wonder how much of it was planned. How much of it HE knew in advance.
I thought I was rebelling. I thought I was defying His rule.
No…I was merely fulfilling another tiny segment of His great and powerful Plan.
If I had not rebelled, another would have, in my stead. Raguel, perhaps. Or Sandalphon.
We fell, my comrades in arms and I. We fell so far…so long…
And after an eternity of falling, we came to rest in this place. And I knew then that there was no way that I would ever return to Paradise…” — Lucifer (via quotes-from-lucifer)